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Webinar with Ann Carden

Expert Business Consultant


How to Get Better & Bigger Consulting & Coaching Clients at Higher Fees to Grow & Scale Your Business



What to expect

Learn what it takes to create an offer that will get you bigger and better clients at higher fees and why this is so important in launching your business into the next stratosphere! Your host, Laura Hendrickson, will be conducting this interview with Ann Carter and tapping into her expertise and knowledge for what she has done to not only build six successful businesses, but also help hundreds of other business owners scale their businesses fast.

This will be a 30-minute Q & A specifically for coaches, consultants and experts.


Listen in on:

  • How you can get paid as much as 3-10x or more per client without working more time.

  • Where you find high-end clients.

  • How you can market and sell to bigger and better clients.

We’ll be tracking your comments and questions during the presentation and give you a chance to ask questions at the end of the presentation. If you have any specific questions, please add them to your email when doing your RSVP and we’ll do our best to address these topics during the presentation. Otherwise we’ll address them directly to you afterwards!

Email us here to RSVP!

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Laura Hendrickson

Discover marketing insights gained from over 30 years in the industry. Laura takes what is in your head as concepts and bringing them to life through branding, websites and marketing strategies. 

Together we launch and build a viable business through focused campaigns and marketing methodology to capture leads and convert at each stage of the buyer’s journey.

Laura will be hosting a variety of experts to help you hone your business skills and create a turn-key marketing system that will feed your pipeline on a continual basis.

Cool facts about our guest, Ann Carter

Business Expert

A Bit of Background

Fun Fact

Ann helps consultants and professional coaches/trainers redesign the way they market, sell and deliver their services, so they can get paid Ultra-High-End fees, work less and retain clients longer, to build a sustainable income, and scale to multiple 6 to 7+ figures.

After leaving a 13-year career running several multi-million dollar departments in a multi-billion-dollar corporation, Ann started her first business. Over the past thirty years, she has founded and built to success six businesses and have sold five.

Ann started designing bunny dolls and took this business to international levels with patterns and more. After selling this business she launched into fitness, CPA, tech and several other industries, each of which she created high-ticket packages to secure all as viable businesses that had systems in place. This has allowed her to thrive and ultimately to sell these businesses at a massive profit.

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