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From building your online package to creating landing pages that convert at a high level, Empower Me Marketing removes the burdens of marketing standing between you and an epic life full of fulfillment, wealth, empowerment, fun, and collaboration.


A successful marketing system is like a puzzle—every piece needs to be in the perfect place in order to earn that fulfilling final picture that makes everything worth it. Systemizing each piece of the puzzle helps make it all work while you sleep.

Image by Toa Heftiba


In essence, residual income comes down to doing the work upfront and getting rewarded for it later. When you have the resources of Empower Me Marketing at your disposal, that residual income comes in the form of an online package with the support you need to get it systemized.


Discovering a residual income that makes you money without you having to lift a finger is like discovering the shortcut to your first $100k…
Get started by building an online sales funnel with NO monthly fees and start getting leads and converting your basic offering/lead generator.

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What We offer

With Empower Me Marketing's $100k Club Package, you’ll receive every piece of the marketing puzzle, which will be customized to YOU and YOUR BRAND through an easy-to-follow online course.


From concept to production, we help you launch your idea, create the look, feel and messaging of your brand and make sure you show up in all the right places online.


Creating content and strategizing on the best way to leverage your marketing arm, we will coach your through or do it for you to make a system that converts prospects into clients.


After clarifying your offer and target audence, we guide your through building your websites, landing pages and everything you need to convert and build your numbers.


We are here to guide you in any capacity you need and at any stage of your business. Whether you are a startup and want to wear the marketing hat or ready to delegate and grow fast

The Secret of Success

Knowing what you want is the first step in achieving success. Having the discipline and support you need to get there is the secret sauce. 


Only 3% make goals for themselves. Ironically the richest people are in the top 3% of humanity.


Finding the people who have traveled to the destination can help you achieve the goals that you desire.

Having a plan is good. Sticking to the plan takes discipline, guidance, and accountability.

Keep your eye on the prize. Focus and rewards for your milestones can keep you going!

Image by Diego PH

David Carta

I needed some marketing collateral updated for a trade show. Laura took our existing datasheets and updated them to look modern. She also coordinated the creation of banners for a trade show and internal dye-subminated shirts for our company, which looked amazing. I highly recommend Laura for marketing consultations and graphic design.

Marla Belbel

Laura was instrumental in helping me start my business. She created an amazing website and helped me market my business. Her expertise helped to organically push my business to number in my area. I trusted Laura to get my business started and thriving and she exceeded all my expectations!


Laura is amazing and is so up to date with all of the latest tools and technologies. Whether non-profit or for-profit or for a family event or a major conference, she has the skills to help you brand and look professional.

How to Create an Irresistible Offer

Join our community as we share daily tips on mastering the art of how to craft a great offer. We've made offer creation process easy. We not only help you clarify your target market but also teach you exactly how to get them motivated. Join one of our community pages or have it done for you!

Enjoy a Gift and Get Your Marketing Plan For 2022

Create your success plan for 2021 with consistent marketing. Purchase a marketing plan template and have what you need to create content and have the right marketing mix and track your results. We are currently offering a marketing plan you can follow or a customized marketing strategy that will be done for you on a monthly retainer with packages. When you purchase your marketing plan you will receive the gift of having your online marketing optimized with beautifully branded banners and SEO optimized content for up to 7 platforms (Valued at $497)!

How to Create a Landing Page that Converts

Image by Natalie Chaney

We love to capture leads and generate business. Building an effective lead generation system starts with a simple landing page that guides prospects through a simple task or a sales journey page complete with your offer, testimonials or case studies, video or more. We are here to guide you to create your own or design one for you. Start converting visitors to prospects and learn how to nurture them to become loyal customers for your brand. Currently, we are offering our Course: 7 Steps to Building Your Online Sales Funnel or done for you.

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