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Build Your Online Funnel
with NO Monthly Fees!

Learn simple marketing that makes an impact on your business profits.

Define Your Offer, Get Started, Launch and Discover
a Simple Sales Funnel that Works Every Time*

Learn the step to getting more of the right clients consistently. This self-paced course teaches you basic marketing that you can implement as you go. By the end of the course you will have a strong branded presence online AND a sales funnel to capture and convert new leads into your client base.

This online course is best for individuals and consultants who work with clients on a one-on-one basis or thinking about creating online courses, retreats, webinars and other online education.

This online funnel has NO MONTHLY FEES and our strategies enable you to test it until we find the winning pieces of each stage of the customer sales journey. Included in this 6-month subscription is the option to have 6 one-on-one strategy calls with expert marketing strategist, Laura Hendrickson. She will help guide you through any part of this process and support you in a successful campaign.

Did you build a course with Click Funnels and
other subscription-based platforms but discovered that you couldn’t
maintain “the ship” (all the monthly fees) while  
trying to gain traction and sell your course/program?

If you’ve written a book, started an online course or even been in one of those mentorships where they had you buy all these fancy online platforms to start your lessons and you’re STUCK or want to do it without all the bells, whistles, and monthly fees, then you are in the right spot! We’ve designed this course to help you create an online sales funnel that converts with NO MONTHLY FEES!

You see, I was one of those people who spent a large sum of money and went through an elaborate course, which on the outside looked like a simple 5 step process, but once I got into the whole thing, all the platforms, integrations, and components were very complicated to learn. They all had monthly or annual subscriptions. Plus, I was encouraged to have a monthly budget for advertising on top of everything else! I built this great big ship and was paying over $1500 a month only to maintain the online sales funnel.

Between learning all these new platforms, learning to build my list and learning how to sell a high-ticket offer, I couldn’t maintain it.

The fees were draining me before I could even go to market, so of course, I had to stop.

Luckily, I’m tech-savvy and come from a long history of marketing as a background. I’ve learned how to build online sales funnels for FREE – without all the extra fees, and I want to teach you how to do it too! This 7 Step Course is one of the most important steps you can take to learn how to build an online sales funnel for free, create awareness of your offer, and gain traction and get real movement that you can track. In 7 steps, you will build your offer, set up a launch campaign and grow your audience so you can start making money. 

Note: Once you get the qualified leads, then it will be up to you to do a good job selling. Our goal is to create a system and show you how to get people’s attention in 7 steps and use it to get more sales calls automatically booked. We love numbers. We’ll show you how you can track these numbers, take advantage of them, and use the tactical side to succeed and know that your system is converting.

*Not all students are successful due to product or services sold.

Get started now. Subscribe and start learning how to market 
your business with no monthly fees today!

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What We Include

7 STEPS : 

We developed this course for the busy entrepreneur and expert / consultant in seven steps so you can do it at your own pace. There are video tutorials and worksheets to fill out as you move through this course. We will walk you through each platform to help you set it all up – and, all these platforms have a FREE component, so it’s just about you taking the time to create it and do some testing. You can do-it-yourself or get some support. We look forward to collaborating for a successful launch and optimized online sales funnel!


By integrating the option to work with us one-one-one during these steps, it will insure that you are putting all the pieces to the puzzle together in a way that will be successful. Book these calls as needed to learn or as an accountability checkin. We look forward to working with you!


Using specific keywords, keyword phrases, and our secret strategy, we will help you streamline your content to make sure that everything you need is in place to draw viewers in and help them feel like they belong with you as a customer. With the right content, proof and compelling information, you will attract your ideal customers, build awareness and walk them through the customer journey for a simple offer they can’t refuse. We like to keep it easy and fun.

“Be able to love, heal and accept yourse

Empowering You For Success


With the strategies and techniques I’ve learned from experts, we will do a deep dive into your ideal client to define them demographically and discover the insights we need to touch their lives and make a real impact. Value-based, heart-centered content will move, empower, and shift your market from pain to discovering what you offer. These insights will help us create the content and build your strategy for successfully getting traction and traffic.


Build awareness and walk your prospects through discovering you, what you offer and why it’s essential to work with you.

By consistently being front of the mind, you can build awareness. Inspire people to join by having great content, and by making it easy to engage. Follow the lesson plan, and within seven steps, you’ll be creating content and have a landing page with an offer they can’t refuse.


Each participant will choose one platform between Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. We will create specific strategies and tasks for each platform, so you know what to create to get attention and clicks to your offer page. This 7 Step course will help you understand how to launch and boost your content capabilities, especially if you are beginning from scratch or have an existing marketing plan.


Once we have defined your offer and call-to-action, I will walk you through creating a free landing page with a simple lead generation offering that your ideal prospect can’t refuse. We will build out this free online sales funnel and develop a content strategy. 

We will guide you through this part and you will quickly be able to distribute this great content to your chosen platform and start gaining attention from your audience and seeing progress.

Image by Chris Montgomery

We ask that you take a screenshot of your current online platforms and share how many likes, followers, and subscribers you have at the beginning of the course and share your goals. At the end of this course, we will do the same and note all conversions, sales calls, and customer interactions. We love keeping track of the numbers and celebrating the success of our students!


We will help you learn the critical steps in getting people to engage with you and share their information to capture their email, book a call, and build awareness. This course is designed to capture and convert on a simple lead generation offer and pricing may affect conversions and sales. For higher ticket offers, we have additional opportunities. We developed this course to teach you how to create fast cash with a simple offer that your target market can’t refuse to kick start your education on creating residual income.

You will also get the keys to knowing what to do with these new prospects to move them along in their buyer’s journey. If you want sales training for higher ticket programs, we have some fantastic resources for you on that topic.


Content is critical when it comes to taking your customers through the buyer’s awareness, consideration, and decision-making journey. Our process will teach you key elements you’ll need for each stage and how to create content that will educate, inspire and confirm that you are the best person to work with for their specific need.

Our discovery process will allow you to create an outline and then we’ll show you how to build these ideas out for the next six months. As you move beyond these seven steps, this outline will continue to help you gain continued awareness and drive traffic to sell your offer and grow your business.

Image by Arnel Hasanovic


We will define your offer, refine a targeted buyers list, build a landing page with an easy call-to-action, capture and convert prospects, and deploy a kickstarter content plan that you will implement. This program helps you build awareness, get traffic to your offer and convert with your simple lead generation offer.
Plus, you’ll walk away with a 6-month content calendar outline and strategies to continue to build off this foundation.


Optimizing Your Offer ($250)
Defining Your Target Market with Keyword Phrases and SEO-Rich Content ($1500)
Sale Funnel Landing Page ($1700)
Integrated CRM with Templates for Email Marketing ($775)
Complete Online Sales Funnel and Marketing Strategy for 6 Months ($3500)

6 One-on-One Strategy Calls ($750)
How to wear your own marketing hat and have a steady flow of clients (PRICELESS!)


ON SALE NOW (Limited Time Offer $47  x 6) = $282

*What’s Guaranteed And What’s Not Guaranteed
We guarantee that you will get traffic to your landing page and support you to get conversions for a FREE tips sheet/download or webinar presentation that will empower your target market and qualify them as potential customers. We do not guarantee that your main offer will sell or that you will make residual income from purchasing and completing all tasks within this course. If you are not satisfied with this course and you do not get any leads, then we will refund your money within 30 days of completion.
If you fail to do the tasks and install proper tracking, then the results are your responsibility.

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