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Clapping Audience


Start with the End in Mind Marketing

Giving your customers what they want is always a good place to start.

Continuing the relationship is where you'll find GOLD!


We'll show you how.

When building your brand, consistency for the look and feel is important, but nurturing your audience with consistently great content that they can engage with will be important. Staying front of mind in your customer's mind and giving them inspiration to stick with your products and services plus gaining their trust is key.

We are here to help you not only build a strong brand, but also to show you how to create content based on the behaviors of your customers.

Together we will collaborate on the best options for what you want to accomplish.

Delivering the Keys to Build Your Brand

Simply put, we focus on your core offers and help you systemize the entire customer journey from the first impression to rewards for referring customers.

  • Consistent branding on all online platforms

  • Customer engagement and segmentation

  • Creating great content that engages and brings traffic to your website and sales pages

  • Capturing these leads and nurturing them
    with a system

  • Tracking traffic from all marketing efforts and focusing on 2-3 that are most effective

  • Knowing your numbers at all stages of the sales process as well as customer retention and referrals

The mountain of obstacles is overwhelming, but we’ll hand you the keys
that open every single door leading to a systemized marketing strategy that can be implemented on similar offers.


From building your online package to creating landing pages that convert at a high level, Empower Me Marketing removes the burdens of marketing standing between you and an epic life full of fulfillment, wealth, empowerment, fun, and collaboration.

Natalie May.png

Natalie May

Laura is very talented and she has great ideas to help grow your business and keep your business current and in front of customers. I highly recommend her and her company.


Doc Peace Uche.png

Doc Peace Uche

Before working with Laura, I was unclear on how to market my business. She and her team helped me move from a place of uncertainty to a place of ease and productivity.



David Carta

I needed marketing collateral updated for a trade show. Laura took our existing data sheets and updated them to look modern. She also coordinated the creation of banners and internal dye-subminated shirts for our company, which looked amazing. I highly recommend Laura for marketing consultations and graphic design.


Paul June.jpg

Paul June

Laura and team have been a pleasure to work with. Solution oriented and quick to act. Thank you Laura for all your hard work and look forward to our next project.



Systemizing Every Step to
Put Your Marketing On Autopilot

A successful marketing system is like a puzzle—every piece needs to be in the perfect place in order to earn that fulfilling final picture that makes everything worth it. The experts here at Empower Me Marketing have the proven techniques to deliver every single piece for you.

  • Branding

  • Call to Actions

  • Messaging

  • Content Strategy

  • Offer Design

  • Website Creation

  • Lead Generation

  • High-Converting Landing Pages

  • Advertising

  • Monthly Reporting

  • A/B Testing

  • Social Media Integration

  • Headlines

  • SEO

  • Joint Ventures

  • Sales Funnels

In your case, the final picture that can only be enjoyed when all the puzzle pieces are put together is an online residual income that funnels cash into your account no matter where you are.

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