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10 Steps to Creating Your Offer and Irresistible Lead Generation Tools

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Ready to develop your core offer and lead generation strategy? You’re in the right place. We’ve done the research and compiled the insights from masters who have worked with thousands of customers to dial it down into a simple process with a formula for creating your offer and lead generation. I call it the one, two punch for capturing leads and understanding your customers so that you can deliver and have happy to refer clients.

General Protocol:

  • Create You Unique Offer for Your Customers. Personalize it with your own voice and branding.

  • Use factual, objective language (not an invitation)

  • Keep it simple … a 3rd grader would understand what you are offering

  • Be informative and answer as many objectives as possible

  • Stay enthusiastic and positive

  • Utilize a professional copywriter or landing page expert when available

Ok – Let’s begin

STEP 1 – Preparation

Before going any further, ask yourself these important questions:

  1. Is this easy and fun to do?

  2. Do you feel equipped to teach on this right now?

  3. Are you doing the thing you’re offering/teaching?

If you get a resounding “HECK YAH” then you will be good to move forward.

Identify Your Target Customer

Who is THE PERSON that you will be helping/providing a service or product?

When creating an offer, it can be very helpful to narrow your audience to people who have a specific need that you know you can serve and they are ready for this offer or next step in their progress in working with you.

If you have an audience or engage in a networking group that has a lot of your target market, it’s extremely important to pay attention to the questions that people are asking to have a very clear understanding of what they need and how you can fulfill this for them and have experiences that you can share when they have questions.

Some of you may even do a bit more research and take a look at with the specific topic to learn what’s being searched for in general. Taking a survey with your audience can also be another effective way to develop your offer. Allow the offer to fully take form as you learn more about your audience and what they need and want.

Create What You Embody When developing your offer, this is something that should be easy and fun and you 100% embody it. If there is anxiety or you don’t feel good… this will show through in your presentations and will also hurt your reputation and slow your progress for growth in your business.

We can theoretically know something, but unless we have actually lived and breathed an experience, it’s extremely difficult to then be able to share and pass on that knowledge… but, we all have to start somewhere and being transparent about this or offering something that is a beta group may be a great way to get the experience you need. Always remember and keep in mind that business is easy and fun! You have gifts, talents and skills and the world needs you. Be the star that you are and shine brightly!

STEP 2 – It ALL Starts with a Great Title or Hook

When writing your offer headline, it’s important to grab attention and peek their interest. You can utilize number like “3, 5, 7 or 10” add your descriptor, key benefit or results and a sense of urgency can help.

A clear result will be part of your offer.

STEP 3 – The Short Description & Highlights

Letting people know quickly if they are in the right place can be important in this fast-paced world where typically you will have 10-20 seconds to make sure to let people know they are in the right place. Whether you use an amazing photo or just words, make sure to be clear and keep visitors wanting more.

Highlights are best as bullet points! Give your prospects a short and informative overview of your offer and highlight – the most important selling proposition. Sometimes a great 20-60 second video can be just what people want. This is an elevator or intro video to your offer and a taste of what they can expect.

Watch your Google Analytics for bounce rate on your offer page vs how long they stay on the page to show that you are getting the engagement and time you want as a starting point. You want them to stay for the whole presentation and continue in their journey on the page or click the button for the next page of the funnel so be sure to track all this with your analytics, goals and conversions.

STEP 4 – The Details

Explaining the important details of the offer will help your prospects understand and know what to expect from your offer. This will increase the probability of a purchase. Having something special that is an incentive or bonus with the offer can make it memorable.

The who, what and why are key elements as well as date, time, location, how to prepare and all the things to expect can be written up in a way that is fun and inspiring to your prospects.

STEP 5 – Testimonials, Photos and Proof (optional)

Within this description, it’s a great idea to include a couple of testimonials, case studies or results from past participants that support your sales page efforts. Photos, videos can also add additional proof and

“Adding Reviews Boosts Conversions More Than 35%”

STEP 6 – Add FAQs It’s a great idea to list the frequently asked questions with answers on your offer landing page. This is an opportunity to flush out people who are not a good fit as well as address the most frequent obstacles and objectives that you’ve come across in your sales process. Here are a few to get you started:

  • Specific requirements for participation

  • What to bring

  • What’s included in the offer (perks or rewards for being a part of the group/offer)

  • What’s not included

  • Number of people (if it’s a group thing – how much individualized attention will they get)

  • Other important information

  • Options for partners/guests and extended invitations… referral opportunities

  • Other options for discounts or bringing a friend

STEP 7 – Next Steps and How They Can Learn More, Set up a Call or Buy a Ticket

Determine your pricing, price list, and you can read about some great strategies below when it comes to bundling or finding a way to make it exclusive or set up the timing so that there is urgency.

Define your offer categories (who is it for, duration, offer add-ons / bonuses). Does your offer apply to children, adults, groups, segments of your customers (i.e. VIP members)? Is this a one time offer, limited time offer, subscription, etc.

STEP 8 – Preview

This is where you will do an overview of your offer and completes your landing page for your offer. Be sure to have a strong call-to-action or obvious buttons to take the next step.

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Now – The Irresistible Lead Generation Offer

Before we dive into what it takes to create an irresistible lead generation offer, I just want to make sure we’re all on the same page by defining this concept.

What is an Irresistible Lead Generation Offer?

An irresistible offer is simply a strategic structuring of your products and/or services where the value-to-cost ratio is value-heavy. Meaning that the value of your offer FAR exceeds the cost to access the value. So much so, that when your ideal customer comes across your offer, they will say to themselves “WOW, this is an absolute “no-brainer”, I MUST have/buy this right now!”.

The offer is so good, they can’t say “no” – it’s irresistible.

Now that we’re 100% on the same page, let’s start talking about how to create the right kind of irresistible offer for you and your business.

One of the core pillars of an irresistible offer is that it must be an offer that is sustainable for your business model, and that you can continually sell. It’s important to keep that in mind when creating an irresistible offer for your product or service.

An irresistible offer is about making the customer feel like they are getting maximum value for their dollar or what they are giving you (i.e. their phone number or email).

Step 9 – How to Create an Irresistible Lead Generation Offer

There are many different strategies and methods to creating an irresistible offer.

Your irresistible offer should communicate the value of your product or service so clearly that anyone in your target market who is considering making a purchase, believes the value will far surpass the cost.

You’ll know you have an irresistible offer when people say something along the lines of, “Wow, only an idiot would pass that up!”, or “I can’t believe it’s only that much… I would have paid twice that much!”.

The most effective irresistible offers are the ones that leverage multiple pricing or value strategies.

This is often called creating an “offer stack”. A simplified version of an irresistible offer is a good deal stacked on top of another good deal.

Here are a few of those strategies and methods:

Bundling: People are looking to get more value for their dollar. If a customer can, for example, get five products for the price of three, this can be an irresistible offer.

Value-Adds: The difference with value-adds is that your customers get a secondary product or service that increases the real, or perceived, value of the product they are purchasing, at no extra cost.


See how Brendon Burchard sells his books (

The Motivation Manifesto debuted at #1 Barnes & Noble and spent dozens of consecutive weeks on the NY Times Bestsellers list, largely because he created a value-add offer with the sale of his book. When you purchased a copy of The Motivation Manifesto, you also received access to a 12-week online training program, that was based on the concepts in the book and valued at $297, for free!

Attention-Grabbing Risk Reversal: The goal with a risk-reversal is to take as much risk as possible off the customer’s shoulders.

  • Money-back guarantees

  • Pay a percentage now and send us the rest after you get the results we promise.

  • FREE Trial or Get it for $1, then a subscription will start.

SAMPLE For example: A year-long program has a price tag of $15k but you only have to pay $10k up front. If you don’t get the results you want, you don’t have to pay the remaining $5,000 balance. This is a way to discount your price, but guarantee results at the same time.

  • Warranty – Typically, only make sense for physical products but they can also be applied to software products too.

  • Payment plans – These allow your customer to get all, or most, of the benefits of your product today, while minimizing the immediate financial risk.

  • Discounting… the right way – Here are some concepts that make discounting more powerful.


  • Segmented Offers (These would be available to people who have purchased your most expensive product or service, or spent a certain amount of money with you over their lifetime.)

  • Early Bird Specials (These types of promotions are very effective due to the fact that the offer has very strong exclusivity and urgency components.)

  • Limited-time offer (Offer is only available for a short period of time.)

FREE Offers: Giving a product away for free, or a free trial period, only makes sense if you know that your average customer will come back and purchase multiple times. This does not work for all business models, and can actually do more damage than good. I am not a fan of free trials or giving things away for free. People do not value free beyond the moment they sign up. Free trials can end up creating a slew of customer support requests from “tire-kickers” who will never actually buy your product. So be very careful with free!

Optional FREE Offers: Free offers are still relevant if used properly. If you are new to developing your list and just wanting to build a little bit of momentum, a free lead generations offer can be quite effective, but realize that 50%+ may not be your target market or the nurturing process may take a bit longer if people think they can get stuff for free from you.

Here are a few effective free offers where capturing an email and/or phone number can be the conversion goal:

  • Webinar

  • Tips Download

  • Answers to a Quiz/Assessment

  • Giveaways / Gifts (that are from one of your sponsors)

  • Book Download (Pay shipping)

  • Trial of product/service

STEP 10 – Build Your Options

When developing your offer it’s a good idea to do some testing. Once you have developed your offer and lead generation to capture prospects, you will want to build your landing page series and have some A/B Testing to see what is the most effective headline and layout for your offer. Take some time to really look at your headlines and offer options, possibly do a survey or check Google and Answer The Public as well as Google AdWord Planner to see how often your offer is searched for and what you competition is doing for ideas and next steps. By defining your core offer and irresistible lead generation, you’ve made a significant step in developing a solid plan for your online business.

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